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Packanack Lake Long Range Planning

“Want to Improve Packanack?  Join the Long Range Planning Committee!”

The Packanack Long Range Planning (LRP) committee has been meeting actively over the past several months and is looking for a few more energetic and thoughtful members to submit their ideas for future improvements to our community! “We’re off to a good start, and additional participants will help to ensure we develop a plan everyone can enojoy.  All members are welcome…” said Board of Governor Mike Heller. The committee meets monthly to discuss improvement ideas and develop the ideas into executable projects. There are many ways to get involved, ranging from adding ideas to the growing list of potential improvements to actively managing and participating on projects. The next meeting is Tuesday, June 12th 8 PM Visit and navigate to “Long Range Planning” to see the complete list of monthly meetings, contact the committee via email, submit an idea, and even view materials from prior committee meetings.


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