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In April, members of the United Givers of Packanack (UGP) board of directors visited Eva’s Village, a 2018 UGP beneficiary. Founded 36 years ago as a simple soup kitchen, Eva’s village located at 393 Main Street Paterson has grown to serve thousands of individuals in need of recovery, supportive services, healthcare, food, and shelter.
Eva's Kitchen

Sheila Kaufman and Gaby Keeler meet Eva’s Village Culinary Team

 “Where Hope Begins” was a phrase seen throughout the campus tour. A spacious, light-filled dining room, a commercial kitchen, Women’s and Family Shelter Building, Eva’s Village Apartments, and the Health and Dental Center were part of the visit. The facility was busy with many people in classes and meetings. Enthusiastic instructors were happy to share success stories and building of work skills. An example was a graduate who now has a career as a pasta chef. The most memorable site on our tour was the Wall of Smiles, lined with before-and-after photos of the dramatic work done by the volunteer dental professionals enabling clients to put their best smile forward.
Volunteers, contributing tens of thousands of hours, and donations like ours are essential to operating this organization that provides support and hope to many in need.
To learn more about Eva’s village visit
UGP Who We Are
United Givers Plan is a charitable organization that strives to make it easy for Packanack community members to fulfill their desire to be charitable. The UGP Mission is to provide donations to organizations that focus on supporting our youth, feeding the hungry, helping challenged adults, comforting the abused, healing the sick and aiding the addicted. For a full list of 2017/2018 Beneficiaries visit the following link.
The UGP Board of Directors and our Beneficiaries thank the Packanack community for their generosity.

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