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Olympic Gold comes to Packanack Lake Clubhouse

That’s right! Olympic Gold will be at the clubhouse for the appreciation event for Judy Corvino on Saturday, October 27. Judy will be presented with our own Packanack Gold for her contributions to many, many clubs within the Packanack Lake Community. One of the Packanack Lake Tennis Club members is an Olympic Gold medalist, so if you’d like to see the two gold medals on display please come and be a part of the appreciation event for Judy Corvino. 

Doors will open and festivities begin at 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 27. Tickets, which include food and beverage, are $25, and are available at the clubhouse. Proceeds go to the Tennis Club, one of Judy’s favorite causes, but all members of the Lake community are invited and encouraged to partake in an evening of well-deserved thanks and fond farewells. Some tickets may be available for purchase at the door, but pre-purchase is strongly advised.

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