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2019 PLAA Kickball



Happy Summer Everyone!  Before we know it, kickball season will be starting and Friday nights in the fall will be filled with many fun times for adults and kids at Kilroy field.

The PLAA has transferred over to Team Snap for the registration process.  Kickball registration will be open, from July 9 – July 31.  It is essential that you sign up by that time to avoid the $20 late fee.

For returning teams, email me by July 7th to verify that your team will be playing in our league this year.  If your team is no longer going to play and has folded, please let me know that as well.

For any new PLCA Members interested in joining the kickball league this year, that do not have a team to be a part of, you must email me (Tara Houser) at

With our league, teams have already been created and new members will either be put on a new team, have the option of creating their own new team or may be placed on a team.

If anyone has questions or concerns, please email me at

I would be happy to speak with you.

Tara Houser 

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