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2019-2020 Packanack Lake Dance Program

2019 – 2020 Packanack Lake Dance Program:

Julia Kohles is our new Dance Instructor for Kindergarten and up!

Miss Dina will be returning for Ages 2 thru 4.

Our instructors will continue to emphasize fun, while developing basic to advanced dance skills and routines.

Classes begin Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2019

Registration is currently open at the clubhouse office.

Tentative Schedule:

2 year olds                          10:30 to 11:00       $135.00 (1st half – due at registration)

3 & 4 year olds                   11:00 to 12:00       $165.00 (1st half – due at registration)

Kind. & 1st grade              4:30 to 5:30            $165.00 (1st half – due at registration)

2nd & 3rd grade                   5:30 to 6:30            $165.00 (1st half – due at registration)

4th & 5th grade                    6:30 to 7:30            $165.00 (1st half – due at registration)

6th grade & up                    7:30 to 8:30            $165.00 (1st half – due at registration)


Dance Payment Agreement

By signing up your child(ren), you agree to the following:

·       First half payments are due in FULL at the time of registration. Late fees ($10 per week) will be applied once classes begin.

·       Second half payments are due in FULL by January 31, 2020. Late fees ($10 per week) will be applied starting Feb 1st.

·       Program Follows the Wayne School Calendar. If schools are closed, dance is cancelled. Delayed openings do not impact our dance classes.

·       There are NO make-ups or reduction in cost if a student misses class(es).

·       Your PLCA dues must be current.

·       If you are out-of-lake, the costs are $202.50 and $247.50 per half.

Please make your check payable to “Children’s Theater”

Questions? Contact Andrea Gilman 973-615-4598 or

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