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Packanack Lake Fire Co. #5 Presents the 2019 Mack Beefsteak, Saturday, October 19


photo of mac in may 2018

Saturday, October 19, 7 pm at the Packanack Clubhouse

 All you can eat beefsteak, with beer, soda, water, prizes.

 Donation: $50 – Adults only.

  For more information, to make a donation or

buy tickets to the beefsteak

please visit our website at, email, call 973-694-6005 or visit the clubhouse office.

Pictured above is Packanack Lake Fire Co. #5’s fully restored 1951 Mack on an important mission to deliver Santa to the Clubhouse. The Mack has been the centerpiece of numerous community events since it’s return.   Proceeds from this beefsteak will help us with the continued upkeep and maintenance of the truck.  Thank you!

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