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Peninsula Footbridge Closures

Dear PLCA membership, 

As mentioned at the fall annual meeting, a complete structural review was completed on both peninsula bridges this past summer. The engineer’s report is available at the clubhouse.  

Based on the findings of the engineer review, and due to the diminishing structural integrity of the bridges, both bridges will need to be closed. The closures will take place this Friday, January 17. 

The Board of Governors and Board of Directors are currently in the early stages of gathering additional information and bid submissions for the deconstruction, and potential new construction of the bridges. A bridge sub-committee is also established with the objective to plan, review, and make recommendations to the membership as it pertains to the bridges. Currently, we do not have an official timeline for the bridges to be disassembled, or for the potential new construction to begin. 

Information regarding the bridges will be discussed by the Board at the March 25 Semi-Annual Meeting. Additionally, our website and media outlets will continue to provide updated information related to the bridges when it becomes available.  



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