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PLCA Activities–Inquiring Minds

Hello Packanackers!

Wishing all Moms, Step-Moms, Dad/Moms, Grandmothers, Caregivers, etc. a very (belated) Happy Mother’s Day.  I’m sure it is one we will remember for a very long time.  I hope everyone enjoyed a little (more) family time!

We know members are wondering what’s going to happen with Swim Team, lake opening, Summer Rec, Packanack Day, and all the other PLCA related activities for the coming months.

While we don’t yet have the clarity we’d like, we are hard at work planning for multiple scenarios in the event we are able to open/move forward.  To avoid any confusion, the Governor’s current executive order prohibits swimming,  non-passive recreational activities, and assembling in groups more than 10.  These limitations prohibit most of the activities mentioned above and many more.  That said, the state/town are working with various organizations that will inform such decision including- but not limited to – CDC and Department of Health, etc.  The PLCA is working with the Town Health Department and Parks and Rec and monitoring the American Camps Association, to ensure we have all the information we need to make decisions as it pertains to the various lake activities.

We know everyone is tired of the uncertainty and looking for safe outlets. Our number one priority is to keep our members safe. To the extent we can offer programs that comply with the State, CDC, and Department of Health guidelines, we’ll endeavor to do so.

We will continue to share what we know as we know it.

Stay well,

Jill Sasso, PLCA President

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