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Dear membership,

The foot bridges subcommittee has worked diligently over the last two months to gather additional information related to the deconstruction of the foot bridges, as well as price estimates for potential new foot bridges construction. Below are some of the details as we know them to date.

Foot Bridges Deconstruction:

The foot bridges subcommittee recommended Mikula Contracting, Inc., to the Board of Governors, as the vendor for the deconstruction of the peninsula foot bridges. The recommendation was approved by the Board of Directors, and the contract for the deconstruction is in legal review. PLCA VP, Pat Porter, will be the intermediary with Mikula during the deconstruction. It is possible the foot bridges could be scheduled for demolition within the next month. The PLCA will notify the membership when the deconstruction date has been scheduled.

New Foot Bridges Construction:

The foot bridges subcommittee has received additional price quotes for the fabrication and installation of new foot bridges. In addition to the single span steel truss quote that was provided to the committee in March ($400,000 to $700,000), new price quotes received include fiberglass and timber options. Estimated prices to complete both of the bridges in fiberglass, or timber, range from roughly $150,000 to $300,000 — depending on the company, design features, and required abutments. Added costs could include engineering, permitting and site refurbishing. The committee is anticipating to have recommendations for the Board of Governors, and membership, in the coming months.

As additional information is acquired, the subcommittee will notify the membership.



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