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Packanack Lake Update

Hello Packanackers,

Following are a number of updates on topics I regularly receive inquiries on and several others I thought you just might be interested in.

West Beach Opening:

The grand opening of the 2020 season was Monday, June 22nd and went off flawlessly.  The beaches were well utilized the first three days and no one was turned away.  Beachgoer feedback has been very positive regarding the condition of the beach, the leadership of the adult supervisors, and care and consideration of our lifeguards.

Thank you to the PLCA office (Marilyn Ludwig, Lynn Wronka and Cathy Murphy), PLCA Maintenance (Scott Weaver & John Andersen), Beach Governor Joyce Cutler-Fazio, the Beach Committee, Colleen Lee and all who worked so hard to open the West Beach in record time.  A huge thank you to all members who prepped their children before coming and adhered to current safety measures once onsite.  We are all in this together and it showed!!

Summer Rec:

The PLCA will be offering a modified Summer Rec program.  The program will run five weeks from July 13th – August 14.  The program will be offered to ages K-7.  Contactless registration and Waivers will be available via Google Docs next week.   More details will be available prior.  In the interim, know that the Summer Rec program will employ a drop off protocol similar to Packanack Elementary’s drive-through model.  There will be means for parents to have an alternate designee to drop-off and pick-up and accommodations for parents that need to remain onsite for medical reasons.


Parking Lots:

The Clubhouse lot opened Monday, June 22nd in alignment with the West Beach opening.  This lot should be utilized by patrons of the respective businesses or member/beach-goers.

Kilroy and East Beach lots will be utilized for Summer Rec and will remain closed to the general public.   If/when we open East Beach, we’ll open for PLCA members utilizing the beach or summer rec.


Additional signage was deployed Wednesday and Thursday this week to more clearly mark PLCA private property and assets intended for the use of PLCA Members only.  This is necessary to properly identify and communicate such areas so that folks ignoring the marking know they are trespassing and assuming such risk.   Additional signage is planned for the peninsula, dam and footbridge areas and will be phased in.


Most everyone knows our resident Ranger, Dan Corcoran.  He’s been patrolling our property and working to keep us safe for years.  Dan can be seen driving the lake, walking the dam/peninsula and patrolling the lake via kayak.  With the increase in foot traffic, fishermen and boaters, Dan has been extremely busy addressing non-lake members and trespassers.  The additional signage will aid Dan in his efforts locally and in engaging the WPD as necessary.  That said, the PLCA property is vast and our visitors are many.  Dan cannot be everywhere at once.  Should you need to report a non-emergency issue, please contact the office first (973-694-0094, extension 0 or email or ).  Let’s all do our part!  Please carry your membership card and know that Dan can/will ask you/your children to produce their membership card.

Courts 9, 10, 11:

On Monday this week, the court surface was removed and the voids and sinkhole were addressed.  Work will resume in 7-10 days after the ground settles, at which time initial work in preparation for asphalt installation for future pickleball courts will begin.

A big thank you to Bill Baker for creating the vision and now executing on Phase I.  Sponsorship and Donation opportunities will be available for Phases II/III.  Please reach out to Bill, myself or the office if interested.

There continues to be a tremendous amount of exciting activity within our community.  We’ll continue to provide updates and create transparency.  Should there be questions, concerns or special topics of interest, feel free to contact the office or any Board member via our respective emails.  All available at  We hope you will consider joining a club, a Board or getting involved.

This community thrives on the generosity of its volunteers.  Please take a moment to recognize the tireless efforts of our employees and volunteers – they are your friends and neighbors working to make this community something we all can be proud of.

Stay tuned for additional updates.

Jill Taliano

PLCA President

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