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(Packanack Lake Athletic Association)

At the PLAA, we all hope that you have had an enjoyable and healthy summer.  We apologize for waiting so long to make a decision about PLAA Fall sports.  It was a decision that warranted discussions among the PLAA as well as the PLCA, to act in the best interest of our community. This email serves to provide overall updates on PLAA athletics as well as a decision on Fall sports.

Over the summer, our PLAA President, Jane Vivino, stepped down.  We would like to thank Jane for over 20 years of voluntary service to the PLAA and we wish her all the best in her future endeavors.


With Jane stepping down, Marc & Tara Houser have stepped up as co-presidents.  With the shift in positions, there are roles in the PLAA that have opened up or will be opening up soon.  Please consider stepping up to take part in our PLAA program.

The PLAA provides free recreational sports for youth from PreK4 – 2nd grade, for all PLCA members, which include:  soccer, winter basketball, summer basketball, lacrosse, softball and t-ball.  Some programs include grades 3-8 as well.  The PLAA also provides a travel softball program for girls 10u & 12u.  Lastly, the adult programs provided by the PLAA currently are:  kickball, men’s basketball, bowling, men’s softball, co-ed soccer and pickleball.

Within the next year, the PLAA will need to fill the following roles:
– VP of Youth Sports
– Treasurer
– Youth Soccer Commissioner
– Recreational Softball Commissioner
– Website coordinator

Stepping up now will enable an easier transition and allow for the current people in those roles to guide the new volunteers.


Please considering stepping up to fill one of the roles listed above.  If roles do not get filled, our PLAA will not be able to provide programs for the roles that do not have commissioners.

If you have any interest in stepping up to fill these roles, please contact: Tara Houser  –


Our fields are still closed for team practices and we have not allowed any outside organizations to rent the fields to date.  If you happen to go to the field with your family, please continue to practice social distancing if you see other families at the field.


With the pandemic still a factor, universities cancelling Fall sports programs, our summer recreation being shut down, and for many other reasons, the PLAA and PLCA have decided it would be in the best interest of our community to hold off on having Fall sports programs in 2020.  Our number one concern is the health of our community members.

The golf and tennis clubs are not part of the PLAA, so their organizations are a separate entity from the PLAA.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in a long awaited decision.  Again, this decision could not be made by one person and discussions needed to occur, prior making our final decision.

We, at the PLAA, will do our best to make decision about winter sports sometime in early October.

If you have interest in joining the PLAA, please reach out or if you have any other questions or concerns, please reach out to Marc or Tara Houser.


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