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We are so excited to share some good news with you all. Carney Park is now OPEN for PLAY!!

We apologize for the long wait, as there was some maintenance, signage, and a hand sanitizer station that needed to be ordered and installed before we could safely open. 

Below are some things to remember and adhere to while at the park:

-Masks are required when social distancing is not possible.

– Please hand sanitize before and after play. Hand sanitizer is located to the left of the entrance gate and will be refilled as needed

– The playground is not sanitized daily, this includes all equipment, picnic tables, chairs. The playground will be sanitized every 2-4 weeks.

– Please limit the amount of time in the park, if crowded, to allow others to come in and play.

-Due to the capacity at the park, please limit the number of guests, to allow members entry and social distancing.

– Please pick up and throw out all garbage.

With that said, HAVE FUN, BE SAFE and enjoy this lovely Fall weather! 

Any questions can be sent directly to myself or Caitlin.

Thank you,

Amy and Caitlin

MC Co-presidents

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