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The Girl Scouts are distributing luminaries to light up the Candlelight Walk on December 24th.  In this year full of challenges, let us come together to shine the light of hope throughout the neighborhood.    Each luminary set has 5 white paper bags, 5 candles and enough sand for 5 luminaries. Choose the number of sets for your curbside or walkway. Suggested placement is one luminary every 10 feet.    Please fill out the form in the November Pack-A-News (shown below). You can also get the form by e-mailing the PLCA office, the form with a check payable to “Packanack Community Fund” to the Packanack Clubhouse, by dropping it in the mailbox, delivering to the window, or mailing. The deadline for orders is Thursday, December 10th.   Your order will be delivered to your doorstep no later than December 18th. Please check your order when it arrives and call if there are any issues. For more information, please call Lauri Meyers at (248) 990-4203.   Thank you for supporting the Girl Scouts!

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