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BBQ Club Pop Up UPDATE!!!

Thank you to all who have ordered and we are near our capacity.  The order site will be shut down Tuesday evening at 9pm (April 6th) so if you’re thinking of ordering, please get them in soon.  Please look to our Facebook page for further updates.

Ahhh, spring is in the air!  And so is the smell of a charcoal burning grill!!  The award winning BBQ Club is coming out of hibernation that felt way too long and we’re eager to cook again.  Especially when it comes to serving up the area’s best BBQ for the residents of Packanack.  We’re setting a date for Saturday, April 10th for a takeout pop-up event.  Look for our announcements on our Facebook page on how to order in advance and come by for contactless pick up on April 10th.  If you’ve ordered from us before during past years Super Bowl events, this will be similar.  

We are also partnering with the United Givers Plan (UGP) and donating a portion of the proceeds from the pop up sale to them.  The UGP serves as a central collection point for allocating donations in support of a broad array of local Packanack, Wayne Township, and Passaic County area charities. They specifically focus on: Supporting the Youth, Feeding the Hungry, Helping Challenged Adults, Comforting the Abused, Healing the Sick, and Aiding the Addicted.  You can see a full list of over 20 local organizations on their website, 

We hope to see you there!


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