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Save Money On Your Water Bill: Rain Barrel Fundraiser!

Are you looking for ways to save money on your increasing water bill while helping a local fundraiser and the environment? If so, consider purchasing a rain barrel through the local Packanack Sea Scout Ship 104 rain barrel fundraiser sale. The Scouts have partnered with Packanack Lake’s Water Quality Committee to help community members do their part to improve their local watershed and lake water quality. 

Rain barrels are a perfect tool to help reduce storm water runoff from your roof that flows into the nearest body of water, carrying with it pollutants such as excess nutrients, litter, and chemicals. Water captured in your rain barrel can be repurposed and used to water gardens and backyards. You can use the water to clean outdoor furniture and tools or moisten your compost bin when it’s drying up. To learn more about rain barrels, visit The Ship will deliver any rain barrels ordered in the PLCA lake community. All others will need to arrange for pickup in Wayne. The sale will run through April 23, with deliveries beginning May 1, 2021, and continuing until completed. Please place your order at

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