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With the remnants of Hurricane Ida heading to our region tomorrow, heavy rain and wind is predicted for Wednesday and Thursday. All home owners and clubs around the lake should take proper storm precautions:

• Please secure all boats, kayaks, canoes, and any lawn furniture so items are not swept up by the potential flow of water. Large or small objects that end up in the lake can clog the dam’s auxiliary spillway. If the spillway is obstructed by any debris during a significant storm, the lake could quickly overflow.

• If you have storm drains on or near your property, look to clear the top of the drain of leaves or debris.

• Turn off lawn irrigation systems.

• Charge electronic devices in advance of the storm in case of power outages.

Lake residents are urged to closely monitor the weather and be aware of messages from the National Weather Service, and Wayne Township, related to flooding and changing or difficult weather situations.

We encourage everyone to use caution and reason if traveling in hazardous conditions. Please do not try to drive through blocked roadways, and never play or swim in flooded areas.

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