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MONDAY: 9:30 am: Low Impact HIIT and

10:30 am: Gentle Yoga

8 weeks, session dates 3/7-4/25

TUESDAY: 6:30 pm: Yoga Flow

8 weeks, session dates 3/8-4/26

WEDNESDAY: 9:30 am Yoga Flow and

10:30 am Gentle Yoga

9 weeks, session dates 3/2-4/27

THURSDAY: 9:30 am Yoga With Weights

7 weeks, session dates 3/17-4/28

Low impact HIIT is a fun, challenging workout. No jumping, but heart pumping! Yoga with weights is a traditional flow format with the added intensity of light weights. Our gentle class uses chairs and straps as props, and our yoga flow is appropriate for all experience levels.

7 weeks $52.50 lake members, $70 out of lake residents

8 weeks $60 lake members, $80 out of lake residents

9 weeks $67.50, $90 out of lake residents

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