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Golf Club Open House-March 26: Updates to Clubhouse

To All,

We are hosting our annual Golf Club Open House on Saturday, March 26th from 1 to 3 pm.    There are different tiers of membership, from Full Golf member, Young Professional, to Social.   Additionally, see the pictures below of the plans we have for renovating the dining and outdoor patio at the club.  This will be transformative with this exciting new entertaining and dining space at Packanack Golf Club (PGC).  We will also look to build a spectacular new landscape design that creates a distinctive look to the façade, with a retaining wall below the outdoor patio and a new cart path and routing from the club entrance to the tee boxes for holes 1 and 10.

Come down and see all that we are doing at PGC.


Membership Committee of Packanack Golf Club

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