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Packanack Lake Athletic Association    

Recreational Women’s Soccer League     

Packanack Lake Athletic Association, along with its members and supporters, would like to welcome you to the Summer 2022 women’s League.  The tournament brings many benefits to our Community most importantly, it creates some wonderful memories and experiences to the participants.  

Recreational Soccer League goals and objectives:  

  • A recreational soccer league for players of all skill levels.  
  • Open to adults’ women over the age of 30.  
  • Program goal is adult participation while having fun playing soccer in a social and semi-competitive environment.   

Summer Rec League:  Summer League runs from August thru October on Wednesday nights at 8:00 pm.

Soccer League Rules (Regulars Soccer Rules): 

  1. 2 Halves of 25 min non stop.  
  2. No time outs.  
  3. Subs can be made at any time.  
  4. No off sides. (one Referee).  
  5. Yellow card – 5 Minutes out.   
  6. Red card – out of the game. (any type of aggression won’t be tolerated).  
  7. 8v8 (7 players + Goalkeeper) – Lake Members are priority.  
  8. Games can start with min. of 6 players.  
  9. Uniform is required shin guards are Optional.  
  10. Sliding tackle is not allowed.  
  11. Results have to be sent via email the next day to update the Standings.  
  12. All free kicks are indirect except for a penalty kick.   

We look forward to hearing from you!  

You can register at

If you have any questions please contact

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