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This and other activities are available for PLCA members in good standing!

The bocce courts are open for play. Please excuse the surrounding areas’ appearance, as additional activities will be added in the future. The additional activities will be Horseshoes, Corn Hole and a game called Gaga.

The bocce court surface is brand new. It will need some time to settle and additional leveling will be required as the surface matures. The surface is made up of a shale like material, and it is very smooth. So, the playing surface is fast, and the toss of the ball should be similar to a bowling technique. In other words, anyone playing should NOT throw the balls. The balls should be ROLLED.

General rules and maintenance have not been set up yet. At this time, it is a BYOE (bring your own equipment).Please call the office for the entry combination to the facility or if you have any questions.

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