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Santa Breakfast!

2022 PLMC Santa Breakfast Ticket Information:

Santa is coming back to Packanack! We’re so excited to announce that the Packanack Lake Mother’s Club Annual Santa Breakfast is back after 3 years! This very special Packanack tradition is continuing and we’re thrilled to welcome families back to the Clubhouse to participate in holiday fun with friends and neighbors! All of the details for the Santa Breakfast, as well as the ticket sale information is below.

Santa Breakfast Details:

This year’s Santa Breakfast will be held on Saturday, December 10, 2022 at the Packanack Clubhouse. There will be three seatings for this event: 9:45am, 11:30am & 1:00pm. Each seating will be approx. 1 hour & 15 minutes. 

Similar to previous years, this year’s event will include a light breakfast (bagels, donuts, pastries, fruit, juice, coffee, etc.), an opportunity to meet Santa and take photos, as well as holiday fun and activities/crafts. It’s always a special day to celebrate the holidays with friends in the community!

Ticket Sale Details:

All ticket sales for the Santa Breakfast will be in-person this year. Santa Breakfast ticket sales will be on Saturday, November 19th @ 9:00am at the Clubhouse. Tickets for this year are $12 per person. Ticket sale details and frequently asked questions below:

Where: Packanack Clubhouse (there will be signs to show where line will begin)
When: Saturday, November 19th @ 9:00am
Cost: $12 per ticket (cash or check made payable to Packanack Lake Mothers Club). Children 12 months & younger are free.

*All Santa Breakfast ticket sales are in-person. Ticket sales will be rain or shine.

How many tickets can be purchased?

PLCA members are able to purchase tickets for their immediate family (those that are listed on your PLCA dues), and up to 4 additional tickets. You cannot purchase for another family. The additional tickets are meant for grandparents, childcare providers, etc. Please keep in mind that this is a very popular Packanack tradition and sells out every year. In order to include as many families as possible, we ask that you only purchase tickets for those in your party.

I can’t make it on that date. Can I send someone else to purchase my tickets for me?

Yes, but each person is only able to purchase for one family on November 19th. Therefore, one person can’t secure a spot in line and purchase tickets for multiple families. This helps to ensure fairness for all PLCA members. *For example: Heather Mauriello can only buy for her family and her in-laws who would like to attend. She cannot purchase tickets for Kristen Bowie. Kristen can’t make it on the day of ticket sales and must send her significant other or someone else to purchase tickets for her family.  

What should I bring with me?

Santa Breakfast tickets are $12 per ticket. Payment (cash or check made out to Packanack Lake Mothers Club) must be provided when purchasing tickets. Unfortunately, we cannot give refunds for purchased tickets or accept Venmo payments. Additionally, please bring your 2022 PLCA membership card. It will help keep the ticket line moving as we have to confirm each buyer’s lake membership status. 

Can I purchase my tickets after November 19th?

Tickets will be available in the office until the event sells out.

We’re looking forward to bringing back Packanack holiday cheer this year! Please stay tuned for updates on this year’s Santa Landing at Kilroy Field.

Have additional questions? Please contact Caitlin Collins Ohle (

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