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Wayne Alliance Holds an Opioid Education Seminar May 7th

United Givers of Packanack (UGP) is bringing to your attention a May 7th 6:30 PM seminar hosted by Wayne Alliance for the Prevention of Drug Abuse along with Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center, Wayne Police, and the township Social Services and Welfare Department on how to prevent and recognize opioid and some prescription painkillers use.  Registration is required. Visit Wayne Patch at the following link for more information.

Wayne Alliance for the Prevention of Drug Abuse a UGP beneficiary doing important work in our community on this serious national issue.

To reserve a spot, call the alliance at 973-694-1800, ext. 3244 or 862-686-3112 or email alliance logo

UGP celebrates the charitable donations you have given to strengthen our local community.


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